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We Match Home Owners With Painters

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Better Estimates

Our online estimates are faster, more accurate, and cut costs for you and your local painters.

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Security for you

We insure our work so that you can enjoy a worry free project.

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High Quality Professionals

Our painters are vetted to insure the highest quality work and best customer experience.

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Easy Estimates For Home Owners

HomePainter is an online platform that allows you to get a free paint estimate all from the comfort of your couch. HomePainter will subcontract out the labor to a vetted and registered painter in your area. We create value for you through faster and more accurate estimates, higher quality paint jobs, and lower liability compared to a traditional paint job.

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Powerful Tools For Painters

HomePainter is set out to save local painters money by providing them with jobs at no cost. Through online tools that support analytics, scheduling, customer relationship management and more, the painting industry is more efficient and profitable than ever.

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