We've all been there. No matter how careful you are, it seems that an unfortunate drip often ends up where it's not supposed to be. Whether you're painting a ceiling, the underside of a cupboard, or even less drip-prone areas, accidents happen - despite the best-intended drop cloths or tape jobs.


The type of paint that you spill greatly impacts how you'll go about remedying the situation when it comes to paint-meets-carpet incidents. Oil-based paint is tougher to fix, but water-based paint is more soluble, and thus can be cleaned with water. For oil-based paint, carpet cleaner and paint cleaner may both be necessary. Water-based paint (aka: latex paint) can simply be cleaned from carpet by applying hot water. A stiff-bristled brush can be used to aid in the instance of a water-based paint spill.


Perhaps you dripped some paint on a client's leather sofa. Don't panic! Grab some baby oil or cooking oil, and blot the spot with a swab until the paint comes off. For an extra touch-up, use a leather conditioner.


Painting a window and accidentally got paint on the glass pane? No sweat! Combine equal parts vinegar with hot water. Dip a rag into the solution, and rub it on the window. Don't scrub too hard at first - wait for the paint to loosen and then apply more elbow grease. If this doesn't work, use a razor blade to gently pick off the dried paint from the glass.


A metal scrub brush and some muscle should be enough to clear paint spills off of concrete, but if not, paint stripper/thinner is a good go-to solution. Be sure to open a window and use fans if the paint spill on concrete is indoors, as the paint stripper/thinner could be quite potent.